Sunday, 26 April 2009

Sophia, sophia, sophia

meet our adorable new pussy cat ..... she is called Sophia (so fi ahhh) she is 3 and is adorable.... her favourite thing to do is to talk... she monitors our safe use of the stairs by going up first and coming down in front of you... NO ONE may use the loo without being monitored closely (very very off putting experience....

I think that the most off putting aspect of our newest family member is her constant need to talk and be reassured, even at 3 in the morning.

The reason for the bald spot was neutering... we didnt just decide to pin her down and shave her side for a laugh.... honest!!

Saturday, 25 April 2009

Katies surgery

Just a wee note to say that i have been awol as Katie was in hospital for surgery.... thanks to all who prayed and sent messages and cards!!! they really helped us get through :)
The surgery (minor to the docs but huge to us) was to clear out her jaw joints, remove the debris, add in steroids and anaesthetic and shave off a teeny tiny bit of bone to stop it locking.... she also had steroid injections to her wrists and elbow..... im amazed that i didnt see how bad they were. As a mother we can see so much, but being human we dont see it all.
Since she had her operation, her pain levels have drastically reduced and she cant stop eating... its wonderful to see her chewing again and biting into things. !!!!
Just wanted to share some photos of Katie looking adorable whilst receiving her drip treatment... she gets this for her arthritis every 6 weeks and her only complaint is that she is utterly bored bored bored being wired up for 3-4 hours :) ok also that they monitor her BP and temp every 15 minutes as well.... oh and that she cant move around as much as she wants to..... and the complaint we go through every morning before we go..... DO I HAVE TOO???? promptly followed by..... yes you bloody well do so get dressed and lets go torag!!

Its amazing how i find that i need to snap all of her moments in life. I cant help myself and i remember where and roughly when each photo was taken.