Saturday, 27 June 2009

My head hurts - no time for card blogging SORRY

well Katies sleepover was a roaring success, all children had a ball, im shattered and my head has theeeeeee hugest ache in the history of aches. Here is a photo of Katie (in red) and her friend Erin singing away!!

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

My baby is about to become a teen arghhhhh

Katie is having a sleepover on Friday night, today im off out to do party food shopping.

I made invites for all of her friends, she wanted tatty teddy invites and they were to have a blingy paw print put on them the blooms are all from Jaynes shop I just love this stamp of teddy.

Sunday, 14 June 2009


Whats on your work desk, hmmmmmmmm well whilst blog hopping i came across this question..... i am ashamed to say that my desk is in my living room just now in front of the window no less !!! oh the shame..... pfffffft no shame here LOL

The first photo shows the chaos that i enjoy working in.... the second shows what happens when you get up from your chair to get a glass of juice.... my cat seriously thinks that "you move you lose" so i darent get up from a chair in this house for fear i wont get it back without a debate. Even the kids know not to move lol.... Dinner time is a sit still affair in my house !

I have to constantly sit on ribbons too as the minute i am engrossed the cat grabs and runs, just like a furry bank robber!

Friday, 12 June 2009

3rd and final card of the evening - HONEST

Graduation Tilda

Yes I do appear to be on a roll LOL

Tilda in the rain card

Wow thanks to the amazing service of and the luffly super friendly Janice!!!!

I ordered some stamps yesterday about 3pm, they were delivered this morning and ripped out of their packaging. So here we are.... Tilda in the rain.

The blooms are from my kit that i sub to... and Jayne taught me how to add hanging bits to my blooms, so now i cant stop myself adding them to every card i make.

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

30 Toppers :o

I made 30 toppers for cards, using a mix of Hanglar, Tildas and my spiderman stamps.... The Hanglars were ones that i bought the images of so i could have a play....

Can you believe how hectic my mojo has been these past few days.... He is now lying sparked out on the sofa and sleep talking :o .... i might be done for mojo abuse if im not careful!!!

Sunday, 7 June 2009

6 more cards...... I love my mojo!

These lovely cards were made last night, using Blooms from Jaynes shop she taught me to make the hanging charms and i cant stop using them now.

My stamped images are a mix of mine and those bought on ebay.

The kids cards were made to celebrate 4 kids becoming Junior Soldiers this morning at church, im sure they will be well received.