Thursday, 29 October 2009

Pillow Box Die

I bought a new sizzix pillow box die, and was racking my brains to come up with a new use for it ..... i really like to get my moneys worth out of my stash ..... so i had a walk around the web and back to splitcoast stampers, and found the tutorial for this box.

I made a gift for a stamper, filled with stamped images and a couple of promarkers. my next box will be for an teenager.

birthday gift

here is a little something I made today.... the Tri Shutter card instructions can be found on splitcoast stampers resource section

Monday, 26 October 2009

CT Scan pics

Katie had her CT scan a fortnight ago :) here are a few pics so you can see what shes doing and how things are going for her... We are due at the consultants for results and will post them as soon as we know :) Try not to panic when i say i am really looking forward to her jaw replacement surgery.... its not that i want her to go under the knife, but that i want her to be pain free and able to eat without pain, be able to chew gum and also be able to play her instrument without the agony that she has just now :)

The staff who helped her with the CT were just lovely, they were a bit confused that i wanted photos of the scan until i explained that im a scrapbooker and im trying hard to keep photos of the Arthur journey for when shes older... also to document how hard its been for her and how far shes come...

Coras paper bag album

I made a basic paper bag album of Cora for her previous owner... an 87 year old lady. I didnt want to make the album too fancy as she likes things plain and efficient... (sooooooooo not my style) so here we go :)

Monday, 19 October 2009

Easel Card

What alot of fun I have had this morning.... in between watching Jeeves and Wooster and laughing my socks off at the antics of the Gentlemans Gentleman, slurping tea and chasing cats off of my desk.... I managed to make 2 easel cards. I just cant believe how sweet these cards look and so easy to make!

Here is one Christmas themed and one for a birthday...

Sunday, 18 October 2009

Stampin Up Christ is Born Candles...

So now that i know how to make the candles and i am doing not too bad a job.... here are some i made using my Christ is Born set.... I am in love with this stamp set... have been making my Black Christmas cards (its dark in December!!) and the cards are made using copper ink so the image really pops out . I will blog the card tomorrow to go with the Candles :)

One candle is in black and the other in red stazon... i prefer the black... the red bled so i cant give those candles away as they arent near good enough to put in a present. I will gladly keep them tho ;) The Bible verse is from a stamp i bought from Ebay... a girl called Nella sells alot of lovely stamps she brings in from America and is my main source of scripture stamps... when buying from her, say hi in your note, she really is friendly...

Stampin Up Summer by the sea candles

wow arent these 2 candles sooooo sweet !! I am making my xmas pressies this year, my only gripe with making candles this way is that i cannot get the same smooth finish and the only way i can think of doing this is buying wax and melting a layer over the top ... hmmmm... I also made a keyring charm using the stamp and some shrink plastic to match....

Saturday, 3 October 2009

Cora the old lady cat

Just a wee update with my latest rescue cat, Marble went back to his mummy and is happy to be back and please meet Cora who is over 13 but not sure how much older. She is lovely and only comes out at night, she is a real halloween cat as her colours show.

She is very scared and hides alot but im hoping that as shes only been here a week she will she will learn to relax and calm down.

The fact that Sirius thinks shes a new playmate isnt helping her to stop screaming at him.. neither is his running around following her wanting to be friends...

Isnt she yummmmmmmmmmy

Teens on Tour '09

Here is a picture of a LO just fresh off the press .... Teens on Tour '09 My Daughter and her friends go everywhere together and i just love to laugh when they pose for photos...

Here they are on a day out at Glasgow Science centre...

Sirius the Kitten

Here is a gorgeous (in my opinion) Layout of my gorgeous boy called Sirius.... i rescued him in May and wouldnt be without him.... he is just sooo yummmmmmmmy and loves to lie on my pillow with his nose near mine and just make eyes at me and purrrrrrrrrrrrrr....