Monday, 28 September 2009

A Princess minibook

IM making a gorgeous fairytale book for a good friend of mine who knits me socks !!! She and I have chatted for a year or more now infact probably nearer 2 years.... over that time we have spoken alot on MSN, by phone, UKS and text messages... having been given a whole stack of photos over that time i thought ooooooooo Lil Miss A is very pink and sparkly..... and then i kept thinking of fairytales when i saw her.... so this is the basis for a minibook... a day in the life of Princess A. I cant share anymore photos at the moment as I want her mummy (Queen Tash) to see the book before the world does! Apologies for photo quality...

Basic Tilda Halloween cards

I was asked to make 3 very very quick cards, not too fancy for a friend, so here we go !!! 3 very basic Tilda halloween cards (not sure that im too happy but hey ho, customers always right and all that)

Monday, 14 September 2009

a quick Christmas card

made using 2 wee blooms from

I received my kit last week and the minute i saw it I thought... ooooooooooooo Christmas !!!! the reds and greens are just sooo perfect! The charm was bought a few months ago from the shop as well :) and i am loving putting charms on everything, cards, boxes, LOs, hand made books and so much more......

I bought this stamp off of ebay last year, when i was trying hard to enjoy my new hobby.... Its taken until now to find my style and believe that the cards I make appear to be liked by people.

So take a wee minute to look at the card and let me know what you think... even if its to say that its not your cup of tea :)

New Stampin up sub

I answered the door to the postie today and he handed me the usual bill, bills, bills and junk mail, then reached into the bag he was carrying and handed me my new Stampin Up sub stamp set.... i have wanted this stamp set since last year and have been drooling over it... Its now retired :( but i HAVE IT yayyyy... I have been playing with them and the two cards below are the result of my first play using my copics and blooms from, Jayne at Craftyfeeling has also been stocking bling and gorgeous charms... she is about to start stocking chain and jump rings to use with the charms so you can hang them from cards.... keep an eye out for lots of new goodies in her shop.

Let me know what you think of the cards :)

Wednesday, 9 September 2009


Whats on your work desk Wednesday???? Yes i hear you ask..... Karen whats on your desk?? if i told you, you would never believe me !! So here... have a look and see if you can see WHY i cant get any work done today!!!! Prize for the correct answer hahahahaha

A sneak peek

Here is a sneak peek of a very girly minibook that im working on ! Its been under construction for such a long time, im very nervous about it not being right... the book is for a friend and her daughter.... and i sooooooooooo want it to be right !!

I will be working on the book this week so it will be finished and gifted... I really want to keep it as i just LOVE it !! LOL.... but that would be mean...

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

retirement book waiting photos

Ok so i felt bad about leaving the book as unfinished as it was, it annoyed me that it had NO decor on it even tho its a freebie and i didnt and wont get paid for it!! still couldnt leave it as basic! so here we go... the photos of the book all they need to do is add in journalling and photos and it will be complete...

Retirement book

Here is a retirement book that i bought then painted, i only had a couple of hours to complete this so couldnt decorate it :( I have provided a big bag of goodies for the book to be decorated with later on and also had to make pages to go into the book for people to leave messages :)

Autumn Wishes

Here is my latest card made with Flowers from this months flower kit from Craftyfeeling, the hanging ladybird is also from there and they are available in packs of 10... This was one of my most favourite kits, i have big plans for the use of the blooms, also photographed is a photo of the actual kit!

Isnt it just gorgeous, couldnt you see yourself subscribing to this kit! it costs £10 a month with free postage in the UK, if you want to subscribe then go to Craftyfeeling and check it out... there is no minimum subscription period, no hidden costs.... but there will be a huge feeling of satisfation when you add it to your stash pile and use it to make cards, Layouts, minibooks, tags and heck just to stroke because they are so pretty.

Sunday, 6 September 2009

2 wee cards

Here are two wee cards made for church, we had a new baby arrive safely and the duck card was for one of the children... flowers from Craftyfeeling

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

My gorgeous new blog and signature

A massive thanks to Veronica of VK Designs for jumping into my head, rummaging around and pulling out exactly the blog design i wanted. She took one phrase... " I love ducks" and ran with that thought....

Her emails were friendly and cheery, I felt as though i was talking to an old friend and that she cared about what i wanted.... which is true.

She realised that a sense of humour is a huge part of me and hence my duck upside down with a wiggly bottom LOL...

Please let me know what you think of it, Im eager to hear.... also let Veronica know if she can help you :)