Tuesday, 1 September 2009

My gorgeous new blog and signature

A massive thanks to Veronica of VK Designs for jumping into my head, rummaging around and pulling out exactly the blog design i wanted. She took one phrase... " I love ducks" and ran with that thought....

Her emails were friendly and cheery, I felt as though i was talking to an old friend and that she cared about what i wanted.... which is true.

She realised that a sense of humour is a huge part of me and hence my duck upside down with a wiggly bottom LOL...

Please let me know what you think of it, Im eager to hear.... also let Veronica know if she can help you :)


  1. Wah ha ha ha .... fab fab blog, love it !!!

  2. LOVE the wiggly duck's a**e! It is really funky, and upbeat - just like your blog.

  3. LOVE the wiggly duck's a**e! It's very funky and upbeat - just like your blog!

  4. Oh Karen - Your duck is just an AWESOME idea and she has made it SO CUTE!!!!
    I have just found your blog tonight - but I will be a regular visiter now you can be sure.
    Love and hugs, Candy