Friday, 25 July 2008

Summer Holiday Minibook Swap

I made a summer holiday scrapbook for someone on a swap for UKS.... here are some photos of my efforts... i must admit it was near on impossible to post this... i just wanted to keep it as it was my first attempt at making a book from scratch....

Some of the pages i have left with no embelishments on purpose... just incase there is alot of ticket stubs or large over sized photos.... oh and yes i did muck up... it was meant to be a 6x6 book..... but its ummmm 8x8 im sure my recipient wont mind :D

Thursday, 24 July 2008

SOS Support our Squaddies !!!!

Today i opened the newspaper i get delivered once a week... a wee freebie that i normally dont read just skim thru it and put it out for recycling.

On the front cover is a request for helping our Soldiers.

These people whatever your political feelings on the war in Afghanistan are working in the most dangerous places doing the most dangerous job known to man. They do this for poor wages and for a public that wants to support them but struggles with the values of a war that isnt really our fight.

I have great respect for these men and women. Yes women are soldiers and fight frontline just like the men. There is nothing there but sand, sand and more sand and vast amounts of hostility.

They are doing a job that risks their life and limbs and they dont have the equipment needed to do their job... we never see them go on strike over pay and conditions. THey just get on with the job they signed up to do. Protecting us from bad people and protecting the locals too.

Soldiers put up hospitals, build schools, sort out water supplies to some very poor areas that maybe never had the resources to provide for themselves.

They bring in medical supplies to some poor people who live in terrible conditions and they do it all with humour and smiles.

I have decided that today i will drag myself out of thet depression i have been in for a while now and provide a smile for wounded soldiers. Can you imagine being unwell in hospital and you lie there enduring your treatment, you cant have visitors and the hospital are under extreme pressure due to facilities and outside factors.

what is making a few cards that will take me a few days, in comparison to that, which they provide.

Any other card makers.... PLEASE go to this website Support our Squaddies

If you cant make cards is there something else you can help with? can your playgroup draw pictures? can you take photos of local areas to remind them that they are coming home to something nice....

Tuesday, 22 July 2008

my very grown up baby

just a few recent pictures of my baby looking very grown up :( Note the raised eyebrow... her favourite facial expression lately :D

Saturday, 19 July 2008

Unity stamps blog candy

if you go Here there is theeeeeeeeeeee most beautiful blog candy on giveaway.....

Have a browse of her work too its just wonderful !!!!!

Monday, 14 July 2008

More blog candy giveaways

Yep - Tashas been searching out goodies again!

The Australia and New Zealand Fiskars blog are having a bit of a party at the moment, and are trying to attract as many people as possible from all over the world. They have ooodles of goodies to give away (papers, tools, scissors, vellum flowers - the list goes on!). Here's what you do - go to their blog and post a comment, leaving your name and country plus my name and country (i.e. Hi - I'm xx from xx and Karen from Kilmarnock, Scotland sent me!). Then add a post to your blog and spread the word!!!

Oh and i soooooooooo plageurised Tashs post :P

Sunday, 13 July 2008

My new scrap space :D

Well i have my new scrap area..... apologies for the photos.... they arent great quality BUT it shows off a wee bit of my scrapping area.... My tildas are stuck to a sheet of acrylic.... i need to get more acrylic for the sides of the walls lol... I also still need to get some hooks and hang my ribbons from them :D

Saturday, 12 July 2008

Big Pants!!!!

Well today i went to Dunfermline on a wee shopping spree with my mate Helen and wee Katie... whilst out.... we came across the undies section..... LOOOOOOOOOOOK what we found!!!!!!!!
So of course i bought a pair to wear and a pair to cut up and make into a Scrappage LO :D am sooooo excited that i was jumping for joy..... what do you think??? Arent they theeee fabbest pants in the history of pants!!

Wednesday, 9 July 2008

My shiny new workspace.... small but perfect!!!

Wow well the day FINALLY came when my not so little brother came to do a whole list of things i needed him to do :D He put up a new curtain pole in Katies room, took down shelves, moved her wardrobe and bed around for me. Having been supplied with umpteen cans of Irn Bru.... a disgusting scottish drink that has more sugar than a sugar factory and is a dentists worst nightmare, he finally started work on my cupboard.!!!!

Here are some of the photos of him working away (note the lack of builders bum)

Monday, 7 July 2008

The gorgeous Maya has blog candy!!!!

The gorgeous cards that Maya makes are fabulous.... talented woman take a wee trip to her blog and see for youself ..... Maya uses the Hanglar and Stanglar stamps.... i am droooooling over them and cant wait until Funkykits home of the Sugar Nellies gets them in stock!!!

Maya is also offering some lovely blog candy to those who visit her blog and leave a comment.... She is celebrating 10,000 hts on her blog :D