Wednesday, 9 July 2008

My shiny new workspace.... small but perfect!!!

Wow well the day FINALLY came when my not so little brother came to do a whole list of things i needed him to do :D He put up a new curtain pole in Katies room, took down shelves, moved her wardrobe and bed around for me. Having been supplied with umpteen cans of Irn Bru.... a disgusting scottish drink that has more sugar than a sugar factory and is a dentists worst nightmare, he finally started work on my cupboard.!!!!

Here are some of the photos of him working away (note the lack of builders bum)


  1. Looking good Babe!! No excuse for not being REALLY creative now

  2. ooooooh - looking fabulous! I love the Magnolias on the wall, ready to be used in one snap of the fingers!!! Expecting lots of funky cards and layouts in the months to come!

  3. looking great hun
    send ur brother my way especially if he likes payment of irn bru :)