Wednesday, 22 October 2008

What a sh*te week

Yep i did swear... yes I meant every bleeeep of it.... and I just NEED to rant!!!!

Yesterday I took Katie to the Maxillo Facial unit in Glasgow. I was told it was ONLY to make a mould of her mouth for splint that was needed to help with her teeth grinding. She was sent for a face Xray and the machine went around her head as she sat still.

When we went back down we found out that her Jaw was sooooooo badly damaged that we are looking at a jaw replacement.... yes you read correctly... REPLACEMENT JAW JOINTS!!!

I HATE JRA with a passion, I hate what it has done to my child, the damage it has caused, the changes that it has made to my gorgeous girls body and the pain it leaves her in daily.

I hate that it has made me this whinging cow who only talks about JRA and the effect its having on my life. I try hard to stay positive but its hard.

It's like a third member of my family.... the naughty child who pokes and prods and constantly wants attention and eventually gets it.... there is no getting away from JRA.... there is NO ignoring bad behaviour. its here its got my full attention and hell there is sod all I can do to change it.

so if anyone reading this has some sanity..... PLEASE give me some... dont hog it all to yourself.

Sunday, 12 October 2008

Faith minibook

My faith is a very important part of who I am.... for 31 years now I have been a member of the Salvation Army.. I love my church.... not only is it a church but its also a widely recognised charity that alot of people admire..... The Salvation Srmy works in over 111 countries and provides services in 175 languages worldwide. They provide tracing services, disaster relief, food parcels, Counselling, Religious services such as marriage, funerals and christenings.

I have made this book to be filled with Bible verses so that when i falter.... i can turn a page on my book and be comforted.

Christmas book swap

This is the minibooks for the Christmas minibook swap ..... i have loved doing these books and im glad i took part in it :D

Too cute to spook!

Well today saw the completion of my halloween minibook..... ready just in time for Katies photos to be taken and printed out !!!!

This has to be the most organised that i have been in ages !