Friday, 1 June 2012

New website under construction

I am mid way through making my new website :). It's not as easy as I thought it would be but I am getting there. Thankfully my most favourite friend is helping with the coding bits I can't do :). And for this ( and waaaaay more) I love him :) xx

This week I took delivery of 7 large boxes of stamps, paper pads, ribbons, ink pads, gems, decoupage and much much more. The goodies can be seen on the Facebook page
I will keep you updated.

Karen xx

Friday, 27 April 2012

Having fun in London!!!

I arrived at Victoria bus station at 730 this morning. An have so far taken about 100 pictures. It's been 2 years since I scrap booked last and now I have no excuse but to do it.

Here is a pic of an amazing scheme where you can rent a bike and take it anywhere then return it to a number of designated bike spots. You have no idea how tickled I was by this!

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Just another drippy day!

Back at Yorkhill today (again) for Katie's 6 weekly drip. Infliximab is working so well for her that she has no active arthritis at this point in time. Here she is getting her drip and doing a past paper.

She has her first exam tomorrow morning. English starts at 9am and she is in a series of exams until 2pm eeeekk.

Thursday, 19 April 2012

April Blooms Kit

Well all blooms kits are now posted. They look amazing and are just sooooo packed it's unreal. Included is flat blooms, 3d blooms, pearl pins, charms, baby rattle and dummy embellishments there is also 10 tags included 3 lengths of amazing ribbon and add to that a new monthly tag swap!

If you want a one off blooms kit then email me. cost is £12 this includes postage xx

What do you think of the photos below????

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Coffee and a cupcake. Mmmmmmm

Out in Glasgow and we popped into a wee cafe for a coffee. Look what I found mmmmmm

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

As the Deer pants for the Water. Psalm 42

I love this verse, I especially love it when its sung at church. My inspiration for this then was very easy. I used spring colours in the grass and card stock. Diamond White Card, Saffron Bazzill and a sheer white ribbon to hang this from my wall as inspiration.

I stamped the image in Chocolate Chip ink and ran over the image in a light fawn flex marker, it really didn't need any more than a quick brush. The image is very detailed and the stamp is so deep that there are no smudges.

The hardest thing was to line the text up straight. The text stamp can be found here

and the Deer image can be found here

I have used two different companies here Eureka and Biblical. and both tie in beautifully don't you think?? 

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Biblical Stamps DT - Matthew 6:26-27

I made a white on white card today with a hint of peach, my sample is about Spring, the birds are returning from their winter break, food is becoming available for them to eat and I am entering the card into a challenge in Stamping Sisters in Christ Blog :)

The stamp can be bought here for a tiny $4.50, it will ship worldwide so please don't think oh its in Dollars I cant have it.... YES YOU CAN!!! I live in not so sunny Scotland and I have them sat in my desk just now :D

Ok back to the sample! sorry !!! I was just excited about telling you that YOU too can get these stamps ;)

Please visit and bookmark the company Blog

I am entering this blog post here 

Happy Mothering Sunday, mine with a tinge of sadness

Today it is Mothering Sunday in the UK yayyyyyy, I woke up to a gorgeous bunch of tulips from Katie and a card too! I am just soooooo lucky!

I opted not to go to Church today as the emphasis is on mums and I no longer have mine. My mum passed away when I was 14 from a severe asthma attack and its something I have never really got over. It is now over 20 years since she passed and no matter how hard I try, when we honour mums at Church those still here and those who have gone before I find myself unable to compose myself and feel her loss more. I know that I am a mum and my child should have the chance to like others honour her mum but I cannot bring myself to attend a service. I often during those services find myself with tears running down myself and unable to compose myself. Even now as I type i feel a tear sliding down my face. My mum was wonderful, full of fun and despite a very difficult marriage and a lot of aggression and violence, a woman who loved God. She taught me that even when things are hard and smiling is not what you want to do that you hold your head up and offer praise. She taught me that holding your head up when things are hard is the only thing to do.

So here is a photo of my mum, who I am honouring today. I was just little there, and wish that more photos of the two of us together were taken. I am from today making sure that there are as many pictures as possible of Katie and I together.

When I look at my mum I don't see a woman who was overweight, had bad skin, didn't wear enough make up, didn't have trendy clothes.... all the excuses I use for not being in a picture. I see a woman who loved deeply.

Hug your children, take photos and BE IN PHOTOS together. Trust me when I say.... it wont matter in 20 years time that you think its a sucky picture. xx

Monday, 13 February 2012

Eureka Blog Hop - Lucky You

I was asked to make something with  st Patricks Day theme.... Now Paddys day isnt something that we celebrate. I am Scottish and St Andrew is the Patron Saint of Scotland.... Then I thought about it.... my surname is Gallacher which is Irish, my family are from Donegal in Southern Ireland so maybe i should use that as my excuse!

I decided to make some bunting and a wee card to go with it. I used and along with my Nesties, some ribbon and pretty Yellow thickers.

I hope you liked my project :) now please pop along to Roxie and see her gorgeous makes!! 

Friday, 10 February 2012

Its a Love thing - Biblical Impressions Blog Hop!!

Welcome to my first ever Blog Hop! Part of my design Team work for Biblical Impressions.... I would appreciate it if you popped on over to the company blog and bookmark it... there is so much wonderful work to see and all the girls have such amazing talents. Amazing to see the range of styles as well :)

Over at Biblical Impressions I picked up this lovely stamp based on Matthew 6, 26-27

I made 3 little Bible markers as a reminder that He loves us and provides for our needs, maybe not what we think we need but what He knows we really need.... I kept them plain and sweet as they will tuck inside our Bibles and the text is more important than the decor. If you want to win one of these little bible markers then please leave me a comment. I will pop it in the post.

I used memento Black ink, Nesties Dies and voile ribbon, the purple is Bazzil Bling cardstock and the blue is Sapphire Bazzil.

Stamp I used it found here  its very well made and stamps beautifully...

Next on the Blog hop is Jessica S!! Please skip on over to her blog and see her gorgeous card! 

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Biblical Impressions - Grace and Peace

Its been a little while since my last post due to some rather upsetting things happening at home. I apologise for this. Things are starting to pick themselves back up again and get back onto an even keel thankfully.

Oh and I am entering this into a Crafty Challenge :) on Emmas Cards UK - its my first ever proper blog challenge item... I have never really taken time to enter so today is my first! xx

When I picked up this rather huge stamp which was a bargain at only $6 ... here is the direct link to it

I sat and read it and smiled... I forgot to take everything to Him... He offers Grace and Peace as a promise and I decided that I would make up a wall hanging to remind me..

I used  Pretty Paper, white stamping card-stock and some rather delicious Dies.

The Stamp works a treat. I sometimes have problems with large stamps that only stamp in places or over stamp in other sections.. this one works a dream!!! it is soooo deeply etched that I stamped once and that was the image I got.... in perfection and without a single smudge, miss stamp or smear.

Some things in life really make me smile!! and working stamps are the best things EVER!!!

I stamped the image using Memento Ink in tuxedo black onto white cardstock. used Stormy Sky mixed with Peeled paint Distress ink pad  to colour the edge and mounted it onto the back layer... the result is this.... I LOVE IT

I added some small flowers to the edges too in white. I was going to make it as my Bible marker but worried that I would forget it was there and would be tucked away until I picked up that particular page I had marked.

Here is a close up at a jaunty angle ;) I love a jaunty angle lol...

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Apologies for lack of updates

I have two cards n kits to blog. However, my daughter fell downstairs on Friday and is badly bruised. Then my wee Granny had a stroke and is in hospital just now. Can I have a new weekend please? This one is rubbish.

I will blog them later on this evening xxx

Monday, 16 January 2012


Brrrrrr its freeeezing outside! Katie is in bed as arthritis flared up. She did spend yesterday in town with friends even though it was cold! I tried my best to make her understand that it wasn't her best choice ... Today she woke in tears creaks when she moves and is in a lot of pain .... Poor kid so coffee for me while she sleeps and clear up and finish craft area! My living room is in here somewhere lol

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Playing with stamps

I don't know about you... Sometimes I need to stamp and colour an image a few times so I can get the feel for an image.

I make lots of mistakes until I am happy. It's part of the fun of crafting. It's real life..

So here are two attempts at colouring my QKR Stampede wolf stamps.... I will do a few more until I am happy. It's a work in progress. We are always learning ( thankfully )