Friday, 24 September 2010

Sizzix Dies for sale :) UK posting Only

Red Dies - £5 each
Yellow Dies - £3.50 each
Green Dies - £2 each.

Red Dies

Tree, Green
Library Card Pocket (2 of )
Card &Envelope, Mini Scallop
Tag Set
Paper Clips, Basic
Charms, Funky Squares
Home Sweet Home#1
Home Sweet Home#2
Bus, Back
Beach Umbrella
Ink & quill
Telephone & Diary
Bowl, Mixing
Dress & Accessories
Fish & Fishbowl
Dog Dish & Bone
Doll Overalls
Dress Ups Body
Doll Dresses
Doll Body
Dress ups Bath Accessories
Dress ups Girl Hair
Doll boy Hair #1
Dress ups Fire fighter Uniform
Dress ups Police Uniform
Dress ups winter Uniform
Dress ups Scuba Gear
Dress ups Bath clothes
Octagon #2
Doll Girl Hair #1
Doll Winter Clothes
Santa Head
Baby carriage
Tag scallop pocket
Tag set

Yellow Dies

Doll Summer Accessories
Doll Summer Clothes
Doll Cowboy Accessories
Doll Graduation Set
Doll Bath Clothes
Baby Bottles
Doll Bath Accessories
Doll Bedtime Bear
Flower, Rose
Plant Pots
Flower, Tulip
Flower, Sun Flower
Candy Cane
Tree, Pine Medium
Hammer & Nail

Green Dies
Bitty Short Set
Soccer Ball
Bitty Body
Bunny #2
Bitty dress Set
Bitty Girl Hair #1
Seashell #1
Doll Shoes #1
Sun #2
Safety Pin
Baseball Hat
Music Notes
Bitty boy hair #1
Foot print
Seashell #2
Doll Sports Gear #1
Hand print
Bitty Swimsuit
Bitty Overalls

Sunday, 19 September 2010

Time To Sow - Words Like Honey

The postman brought me a lovely set of stamps from Time to Sow. Time to Sow are a Christian Company who specialise in scripture stamps. It is a small rather yummy family run business. Their own stamp range is called Words Like Honey.

Based on Psalm 16 Vs 24 - Kind words are like honey--sweet to the soul and healthy for the body.

And yes the stamps truely are like honey. I was sent a selection of adorable stamps just newly released to play with, and boy did I feel blessed.

This is the delightful selection sent to me which arrived on Friday, have sat on my desk while my brain decided what to do with them.

Today I decided to open my first packet and here is the card made with it. and these stamps are Words like honey.

Hougie Board Tutorial - Folded Card with tag pocket

Take a sheet of 12"x12" Paper and score at 6", turn around 90 degrees and score again at 6"

In one corner fold the corner down halfway, in the opposite corner fold under corner to centre ... and you should have what looks like this...

Cut from edge to centre as shown in the picture.....

 Fold from the cut down to the centre, this will place the half fold section on the other side.

fold the left hand side over towards the already folded side.

Now stick the bottom folded section down as this is the front of your card...

Now to decorate your card, I used the gorgeous new realese stamps from Time To Sow. A Christian based stamp and craft company. I also ran a ribbon down the side of the inside section, this is also a pocket so you could easily place a small bookmark or voucher in here if you want your card to be a gift card for Christmas or a birthday.  

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Bayberry Cottage kit - Better photos!

Apologies for the last photographs, they really didnt do the kit justice did they. The kit needed properly photographed to show just how full it is and pretty. And boy are the photos sooooooooooo much better.

The kit can be bought by emailing me the kit costs £12 and is delivered to your door every month.

Friday, 3 September 2010

September Kit - Bayberry Cottage

This months rather yummy kit is Bayberry Cottage. In the kit you will get

6 - 6"x12" papers
4- 6"x12" Bazzill. 
4 Metres of ribbon and 1 yard of Mayarts die cut leaf ribbon 
3 adorable charms
3 flipnote pages, colours will differ
3 Bazzill just the edge strips in dark green and mulberry
10 bright white card blanks and envelopes
selection of buttons and dewdrops
a small selection of flat blooms from in colours to match
2 - Acrylic black pins.
The photographs show the papers, ribbons, charms and buttons, also there is a second photo of the papers showing the back side of the Patterend papers..... how adorable does this kit look??

Thursday, 2 September 2010

Hougie Board Tutorial - Post it Note holder

Step 1)

Cut a piece of cardstock, 19cm x 9cm.

Step 2) Score at 8cm, 9cm and 10cm. and fold along the crease lines....

Step 3) fold the cardstock in two along the centre score. make 4 cuts from edge to score crease. This will be where the small pen sits.

Step 4) attach sticky tape to the 10cm fold lineand using the photo as a guide fold over to stick down the cardstock.

Step 5) decorate your cover and place your post it note pad in place.