Sunday, 19 September 2010

Hougie Board Tutorial - Folded Card with tag pocket

Take a sheet of 12"x12" Paper and score at 6", turn around 90 degrees and score again at 6"

In one corner fold the corner down halfway, in the opposite corner fold under corner to centre ... and you should have what looks like this...

Cut from edge to centre as shown in the picture.....

 Fold from the cut down to the centre, this will place the half fold section on the other side.

fold the left hand side over towards the already folded side.

Now stick the bottom folded section down as this is the front of your card...

Now to decorate your card, I used the gorgeous new realese stamps from Time To Sow. A Christian based stamp and craft company. I also ran a ribbon down the side of the inside section, this is also a pocket so you could easily place a small bookmark or voucher in here if you want your card to be a gift card for Christmas or a birthday.  


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