Monday, 6 July 2009

I'm on my holidays

Sorry for lack of updates, but i am currently away on holiday... I am having a fabulous time and have met soooooo many people from UKS at the Warrington crop .. Hysteri-Cal, Weirdcat, Tillybud, Sarah and Lianne from Sarahs Cards, Julesaroony and Juliewan (both of whom im in a CJ with).... gosh who have i missed !!! There were so many people there and i had a ball sitting singing and laughing oh and crafting hahaha.

I made some cards and a couple of door hangers, one of which im not happy with so am taking apart. I made Jayne her nice new hanger for her craft room, seeing as she is putting up with me and letting me stay with her for a week!!

We spent yesterday after the crop, making up blooms kits for the next months or two, and chosing the colours for the next few months!!! I know what we are getting girls in our kits yayyyyy... I am NOT open to bribes for information, its more than my lifes worth.

Today we are off out for a wander around wholesalers to get ribbons and embellishments for the up coming kits. :D how excited am I??!!!

Sneak peeks of next months kits will be available soon..

Here is a couple of photos of some cards I've made.