Tuesday, 23 September 2008

3 from 1 fun - I'm up for it !!!!

I went a blog hopping today on UKS and am certainly very excited that I did so.... apart from seeing some amazing blogs and pictures and laughed alot and smiled..... I came across Janes blog

one of her posts had me intrigued.... go HERE and see why.

So as i read on i thought oooooooo i love the sound of this.... so i left a comment on her blog and got a fabulous pm sent to me asking me to be in her first group of 3 *insert happy dance icon here*

I am waiting on a wee goody bag coming to play and some instructions... I am beyond BEYOND excited!!!! stay tuned for my creations.... LOL oh and go look and sign up :D


  1. rofl Karen, you seem to be like me, it don't take much to keep you happy LOL
    Hopefully the package will be with you Saturday!
    Jane x

  2. I can't sleep so have found myself going through everyones blogs and commenting, as I love a good comment!

    Your blog is so colourful, I wish I could figure out how to change mine...

  3. Karen and anyone else reading this, my 3 from 1 challenges will be going ahead, but I have postponed til the new year!!

    You are on my list for the 1st challennge though Karen ;)