Thursday, 29 January 2009

Proud owner of some hanglars

My stamping buddy Emily :) ( oh how i adore her !!!) on UKS was selling some stamps... among them was 8 hanglar babies... so i managed to snaffle them. :)

And as my blog (boring as it can be at times LOL ) has had over 2000 visitors and lots of lovely comments.... its about time i did a RAK...

If you leave me a comment and a link to your blog.... I will rak some images and a wee card makers goody bag to 3 random people. Yes i will post overseas :)

I will leave this open until 16th Feb... (2 weeks or so time) I am moving on the 17th

Please check out Emilys blog, she has some beautiful work on there :) and i promise it is worth a visit :)


  1. Hi Sweetie,
    Love those stamps!!!!
    I am not quite sure I understand what you are asking us to do here? Do you want my blog information in this comment box or do you want me to advertize your blog candy on MY blog?
    Sorry to not understand!

  2. no as long as i can see your blog via your name huni :)

    Then if you get the candy i can contact you easily :)

  3. Those images are gorgeous, as are emily's works of art. You did well to snaffle the stamps before someone else got their hands on them.

    Hope you get to make loads of lovely cards with these.


  4. They are so cute hun glad u got them u were ravin about them months ago
    Love to u and Katie , keep missing u on msn , catch u soon and u can fill me in on new house

  5. WOW: Aren't you lucky to be the proud owner of these Hanglar stamps. Too bad I've only just seen your post now, as I'm too late for your RAK offer.

    Happy crafting.

    Alex x