Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Found my password!!

Soooooo much news to fill you in on so get a coffee and sit down....

I had until this afternoon lost my password! It has taken me months to work out how to fix it and thankfully now its done and fixed with my password safely tucked away :D yayyyy

Katie continues to do well with her arthritis, and thanks to many wonderful fundraising crops and sponsors the grand total for my fundraising for Arthritis Care Scotland I managed to top.... £824 !!! I couldn't believe it! and thanks everyone for all your shoves, pushes and kind words. This was taken just after my abseil, I was in floods of tears and it has done NOTHING to improve my fear of heights. Katie at the end is my gorgeous girly! she is much taller than that now!! and in the middle is our Melanie from Arthritis Care Scotland, she is a wee ball of energy and positive thinking. Her dad held my hand and stayed with me until I was tipped unceremoniously off the Forth rail bridge SCREAMING like I have never screamed before. It took me weeks to stop crying! Had it not been for Mick I doubt I woulda got up the stairs to the bridge jump site never mind shoved over the side by the instructors.

October saw the Your Wedding Dress ball to raise funds for Clic Sargent house in Prestwick. I jumped in with both feet as it was a charity close to my heart, my friend Nicolas' adorable and gorgeous Princess passed away sadly in August due to Leukaemia and many a night did I break my heart after visiting her in intensive care. I will miss her gorgeous sunshine smile, her cheeky ways and how she fought soooo hard for so long. Fly high baby girl xx

The wedding dress ball raised over £7500 and more money is still coming in. I went wearing a fabulous corset, I have never been married so was unable to wear a wedding dress :(  Yes there is waaaaaaaaay to much flesh on display! and Nicola looks gorgeous. It was hard for her to be there and she felt she wanted to support the charity. I am so proud of her strength and grace. xxx

I was back working for Samuel Taylors in October at SECC HobbyCraft show. I had a blast, was thoroughly exhausted but survived and said hi to soooooooo many gorgeous crafty people! on the Monday after it finished I went to have coffee with Angela from and planned to go and crawl into my bed.... fate has a way of stopping you!!

 I had a call from David asking me to wander down to NEC Birmingham and work for them again... cue another week of demonstrating ...oh its a hard life eh!! LOLOL!!

This is my lovely Facebook and real life crafty friend Michaela who came along to say hi and gave me a boost. I was soooo nervous! as I was unsure if anyone would understand my accent! She gave me a massive cuddle and a huge grin! It was enough for me to get going!

Must dash as my NEXT blog post in an hour will tell of the December Card makers kit and the Blooms kits :) and boy they are gorgeous!!!! oh and I am also going to be sharing some candy.... yummy floral candy!!!

There is a blinkie on my blog, please grab it and pop it on your blog! Also come and visit me on Facebook!! say hi and speak to the other kit Girlies!! they really are lovely! xxx


  1. Gosh you have been busy - great to have you back in blogland.

    So many achievements - well done you.

    Toni xx

  2. Whoop Whooop!! You're back in blogosphere! Great, can't wait for regular updates, hun! ;)