Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Spring Craftyfeeling DT card

Well the new kit hit my doorstep and right away I KNEW what needed to be done, I was gifted a gorgeous pile of images and stamps from a gorgeous Canuke called Candy. Who hopefully has received a box of Scottish goodies.... I really must catch up with her soon...

I am working on setting up a proper card photographing are when my handsome friend comes over to put me up a crafting area in my living room.

In the mean time I am working on my dining table in a dark and dismal corner, only a couple of weeks to go til its all gorgeous and with more hangy bits than you can shake a stick at !!

In the mean time I can still make pretty cards..... :D


  1. Beautiful as always Karen xxx
    1 day I'll be as good as you. I dream... xxx

  2. Hi Karen, Just trying to set up my first Blog page - on google - and knew I could get some ideas from you here.
    Absolutely LOVE this card. Where on earth do you find the time to get these done?
    My first Blog is going to be about the Amble in Dean Park so I will send you the link if I manage to get it up and running - so to speak.
    Bye for now, Carol