Thursday, 13 May 2010

Apologies ladies for my lack of blogging updates this week. I have 2 very good excuses for my lack of postings.

The first is that I have been busy redecorating Katies bedroom, it has gone from young teen slop house, to young lady super sophisticated. I scrapped, I papered badly, I bought new bed and furniture, I built new furniture, I moved old furniture downstairs for friends to collect to give to their kids, and wow I even lost quite a bit of weight and hip area doing so. I am shattered but happy in the knowledge that I can build units and have a reasonably good taste in d├ęcor.

My second bit of news is waaaaaaaaaaaaay more exciting, and I intentionally mentioned the first as friends are now tired of me grinning and blushing.

I have started dating again!!! yes i know minor miracle, for those who dont know me, i last dated in 2007 and before that, well ummmmmmmmmm yeah ok lets just say its a minor miracle. I have been swept off of my feet and taken out to dinner, lots of hugs and hand holding. You cant make cards when hand holding.

Anyhoo I will update with a card as soon as I can, I managed to ink up one of my new tilda stamps today and fully intend to make a cute over the top card to suit my mood :)


  1. Oh Karen, that is super news about you dating again!! Congrats hun! So, tell us all about him, we want to know!

    Thanks for signing up to my blog! If you ever need any Stampin' Up! stash let me know and I'll get it for you. Also, if you'd ever like me to do a workshop at your house I'm happy to travel just for you!

    Congrats again!

  2. ive heard ur dating a monkey, and a cheeky one at that. is there any truth in this ?

  3. Is this why I can't get you on the phone? Brilliant news all round. Have an extra big grin on me .
    Helen xxxxxxxx
    and a couple for KT xx