Wednesday, 23 June 2010

New crafting space

What a busy month I have been having, things have been toooooo hectic here and I am so sorry for not updating sooner. Not everything has gone well, the guy I was dating is now only a friend..... hey ho a single gal appears to be my role in life.

I have happily remained good friends with him, and am glad that we got past the temper tantrums. He came over 2 weeks ago and built me a crafting area, knowing how important it is to me and my sanity.

The house has been a major disaster as I have also been decorating Katies room, had her at hospital for more steroid injections, decided to clear out clutter, started and walked out of the job from hell, and heck things are just starting to calm down and I have had time to get back to my cards. So here is what happens when you take a month off from crafting and finally get back into it

1 comment:

  1. Enjoy your ne craft space...we all need a place that we can call "ours" when things get a bit too much.

    Toni :o)