Monday, 5 May 2008

I spent yesterday at Dean Castle country park.... literally a 10 minute walk from my front door...

As part of their programme they host different events, yesterday was Cooking at the Castle. A chef from a local hotel came to demonstate some rather lovely dishes.

There were people from the Farmers market there and i re subscribed to my Organic veg box.... Stairs Organic Growers provides a superb value box and delivers it to the door. I wanted to go back to cooking the way we used to in years gone by.... i have already cut down alot of my junk food buying.... and Katie benefits from a wonderful and healthy diet.
They converted from Latex glove usage last year after i had a lengthy discussion around the dangers of the product, and she also substitutes veg if i cant eat a certain thing!!!! I am soooo impressed with the friendly service i recieve and am happy to recommend her service to everyone i meet!

I also found much to my surprise a soap stall, the soaps there were spectacular.... There are NO chemicals and the likes just natural products and real essential oils. I bought the Lavendar, the chamomille and ginger and a lemon grass one. really big wedges for 3 for £10. They are located here and are WELL worth a look..... They are Scotlands oldest soap maker..... and i am a convert!
Oh and theeeeee most yummy yummy handmade chocolates (parma violet is my fave so far) I sat and spoke to the owner for a while and pushed the latex allergy discussion, they use mostly vinyl anyway BUT it was good to get across how dangerous Latex gloves can be..... their website is here.... and the chocolates are to die for !!!!

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