Sunday, 11 May 2008

Today was spent playing at Dean castle Country park again.... We had a wonderful time!!! Katie was allowed to hold a rather big owl.... and we took loads and loads of photos of the park.... looking forward to hearing what you think of my snaps...

The first is of Katie holding a gorgeous Owl... he was very well behaved... unlike some of his friends who would sooner eat her than look at her!!!

The third is of a girl who does crafting from the medieval period.... she has agreed to come to my scrapbook group when i get it off the group.. and give us a demonstration... she was really helpful and taught me to lucet ( i have been struggling with this craft for a little while! ) and a few other twine making techniques....

there are some photos of Katie grinning and another of her running from a dog.... he was a sweetie but was bigger than she cared for! And my favourite photo of the day is the one of the river at Dean Castle.... im amazed my camera took such a pretty picture

the last one i think (depending on how the photos have uploaded is of Katie and a chap from the medieval re-enactment group.... he was a really friendly chap who told us that Robin Hood was actually Robert Boyd from Kilmarnock and Will Scarlett was actually William Wallace who was also known as William of Red.... very interesting!!

Next week is the medieval battle re-enactment at the castle.... so depending on how busy i am i will post some photos of that :)


  1. I love the duck pond. And yes, KAtie is a doll with those birds! OWLS!! How cool is that!?

    You are good with the am. R u sure she has J.A. ? She looks too happy. >X-) I can't wait for your next updates! And remember, Katie promised pics of her and Scotty!

  2. Love the pics - looks like Katie had a great time! I've got a blog on here now too (all your fault!) - check it out

  3. this castle looks amazing

    look forward to seeing u at crop on saturday x