Sunday, 4 May 2008

I was thinking about how i got into crafting over 2 years ago. And i have to say that the blame lays fully with my friend Zoe!!! Hang your head in shame woman, you are responsible and you should hang your head in shame!!!

When i look at my living room which is crammed full of stash.. covered in glitter, floor patched with ink blotches and ribbons attached to backs of my dining chair, buttons in jars and more scraps of paper than the forestry commission would like to see!!!! I sigh and think of my wonderfull Aussie buddy and the fantastic hobby she introduced me too....

Thought i would add some photos of how my stash looks on a good day..... and then ......... well the chaos that is the aftermath of crafting!!!!


  1. Hi Karen, you have a lovely craft space and, as obsessed cardmakers and crafters, we're always looking for someone to blame for our addiction. hehehe! I found your blog via The Stamp Shack. I'm Barb / GrammaStamper

  2. Hiya Karen, Thanks so much for visiting my blog today and making such a lovely comment.

    I just saw your daughter asleep over the sofa and it bought back memories of when I used to do that as a teenager then wake up 2 hours later with flat knees wondering where the hell i was!!

    I sometimes look at all my stash and wonder what I would be doing now if I hadn't submitted to the crafting bug! I'd be richer that's for sure

    mel x